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Amazonia Enterprises
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Photos of What's In Stock
Swords by James "The Just"


Our Hours are

Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Arizona Time

As of Saturday June 20th, 2015 I have retired!

Items in stock as of January 18, 2018

Daggers: (Price for Hilt Only)
Traditional Main Gauche - Pierced $130 - 2
Traditional Main Gauche w/rolled edge - Pierced $145 - 2
Rondel - $100 - 2

Rapier Hilts: (Price for Hilt only)
Pierced Cup Hilt - $160 - 9
Long Sword II Hilt $155.00 - 1
Clam Shell - Pierced $230 - 5
Jack Silver Rapier Hilt $235 - 8

Blades: Limited stock (sold only with hilts -no bare blades)
AE - Amazonia Enterprises Dagger Blade 16" $50.00
OH1060 Hanwei Bare Practical Blade 43" $90.00
OH1061 Hanwei Bare Practical Blade 37” $90.00
OH2255 Hanwei 37" hollow ground $100.00

Cod Piece $25.00 - 30
We will still be making Cod Pieces!

NOTICE!!!!! - From James

Dear Friends:

Most of you probably know by now that I have retired,

my apprentice did not work out.

I have updating my "What's in Stock" on our Face Book page.
These will be the only items we will have.
There will is limited stock.
So if it is on the list call and I will let you know
if it is still available.

I will no longer have any bare blades,
only hilted Rapiers and Daggers!

Again I will honor all warranties on my work for as long as I am alive and able to weld. :)


Amazonia Enterprises


Events Amazonia is attending :

Amazonia & Estria's Essentials

(Will be our booth name)

Estrella War

February 20 - 26, 2018

We now accept money via PayPal

Erin Potts / Proprietor
Amazonia Enterprises
P.O. Box 681
Globe, AZ 85502

Prices are subject to change

Hilts made by James have an unconditional warranty*

Email us at amazoniathewicked@gmail.com

or call 928-200-2620 for James

or 928-200-2619 for Amazonia / Erin

*as long as he is able to work

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